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Many perceive the skull symbol as something negative, frightening, carrying death, but this error is caused, most likely, by the image of a skull on vials with poisonous substances, association with pirate flags, warning signs on electronic flaps, etc.
Often, it is for this reason that people are afraid to wear skulls of silver or other precious metals, even if they like this piece of jewelry, but it is worth studying this issue in more detail.
In many traditions and cultures, the skull personifies the focus of the soul, mind and vital energy, and not death and desire for it. The ring of the skull carries the embodiment of the future, changes in life: both good and bad. Christianity regards the skull as a symbol of renunciation, solitude, a reminder that everything is decay. The Maya priests used crystal skulls to demonstrate extraordinary strength and power.
Buddhist monks believe in the designation of the skull of holiness and the inviolability of life.
The main interpretation of the image of the skull is the immortality of the mind, a reminder that the knowledge and experience accumulated for worldly life will remain with us forever.
Bikers and lovers of extreme types of pastime believe that the presence of skull symbols will save them and help "deceive" death, that is, the skull acts as a protective amulet, and not a sign for attracting trouble. Also, this sign can symbolize a bright sorrow about the loss of a loved one.
As you can see, if you are attracted to such jewelry, and you want to buy a silver skull for yourself or as a present to your relatives - it's not bad and not gloomy, you can give it a positive meaning, and it will protect you, recalling the value of life, self-development and Strength of mind. Where to buy a silver amulet, ring or pendant skull There are infinitely many jewelry items with such symbolism, they are stamped in batches and sold almost everywhere. But if you want to buy a silver skull or a skull ring that thoroughly repeats the ancient symbolism, and not just a part of the human skeleton produced by people studying the historical and religious significance of the symbol, then you should study the assortment of our store.